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About Us

Who: Arche Productions owner and founder Blake Cortright's innate love of storytelling and filmmaking inspired him to produce his first documentary in 2010 entitled, "The First Encampment," which chronicles the first Boy Scout encampment in America. The documentary aired on PBS stations across upstate NY, was well reviewed by several newspapers and magazines, and the DVD has sold more than 1,000 copies to date. Blake went on to intern at PBS affiliate WMHT during the summer and is currently studying Film and Television at Regent University. View his full filmography here.
Blake enjoys almost nothing more than storytelling. He especially loves telling stories through the mediums of film and digital video. For the past 6 years, Blake has been developing his film making skills from making short videos with his friends, to producing professional content for clients. During this time, Blake has developed his professional skills ranging from directing to writing to editing to camera work to digital coloring. He is driven by creative ideas and seeks to put his creativity to use on every project to create the best products for each client.

What: Every video is a story; every story has a vision. It is our mission to bring those visions to life through the medium of digital video production. Be it a wedding or event, a music video, a corporate video, or a documentary short, we want to tell your story and help preserve your memories, promote your song, increase sales, and more!

When: Arche Productions was founded in the summer of 2011, before Blake moved away to attend college at Regent University.

Where:  During the summer season, Arche Productions services the Capitol Region and surrounding regions of upstate New York. During the other three seasons, Arche Productions services the Hampton-Roads area of Virginia.

Why: Because we love to tell stories and see the vision of our clients brought to life!

How: We film our projects in 1920x1080 HD resolution (the same as big screen-televisions). We edit our projects in Apple's professional editing suite Final Cut Studio 3. We deliver finished products to our clients through DVD and the use of video hosting websites like Vimeo and Youtube.

History: High school student videographers and friends, Blake Cortright and Matthew Elton, joined together in 2008 to share their enthusiasm for film and storytelling and created Plasma Productions.

After graduation, Blake and Matt both left for college to study Film and Television. Due to being in separate locations as well as having different time schedules, Blake started Arche Productions

Matt continues to produce videos at Plasma Productions and Blake now produces video projects at Arche Productions. Whenever possible, Blake and Matt still work together on video productions.

What is "Arche?"

The Name: Many have asked, “Why the name Arche Productions and how is this pronounced?” The word arche (pronounced “ar-khay”) is a Greek word meaning: “beginning, origin, the thing that commences, first in a series, the leader, principality, first place.”

The Game: This expresses the vision of Arche Productions - to be a principle leader in film and video production. Our motto is "bringing your vision to life." It is our desire to provide first rate video production and the highest quality customer service for each of our clients.

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